Friday, December 28, 2012

Press Review (2012-12-28)

I didn't do much in the last couple of weeks because I was too busy setting up my new computer (which works great; finally!) and doing some renovation in my office (changing my wobbly table with a brand new kitchen-type counter top and installing a similar counter top in the back of the office as a working area, with a sink). One notable event: One night I was awaken by one of my cats making quite a ruckus and I quickly realized that he had caught a mouse, in the house! Now I have to make sure that such invasion never happens again. Finally, winter came upon us. After a first real snow storm that left just a few centimetres of the white stuff, we had rain on the day of the winter solstice (but the world didn't end, thankfully) and it left enough snow (or ice) to insure a white Christmas. However, yesterday we got a huge snow storm that paralyzed the city. Actually, we've beaten the record of the “storm of the century” for the amount of snow which fell during the same day: nearly 50 centimetres! That left quite a pile of snow in front of the house. Just like in my childhood. With all this I didn't have time to read much news, but I still gathered a few interesting stories. You'll find the links after the jump:

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