Monday, December 10, 2012

Press Review (2012-12-10)

Nothing changed much in the last couple of weeks. I am still suffering from spells of diziness (it's not severe enough to be a Labyrinthitis so I guess it should be something like BPPV ? Anyway, I should really try to find time to consult on this, because it's been several weeks and is quite annoying (and my wife worries). My iMac finally shipped from China and should be delivered imminently. I'll probably be busy for the next couple of weeks while I set it up properly. The Holidays are approaching quickly and now it really feels like it since we've finally got a real snow storm (although very small, just a few centimeters, and it quickly rained on it). As usual, here some links to the online news stories that I found interesting (after the jump):

Anime & Manga related, Japan, Popular Culture
Apple, apps and mobile devices news
Books, Digital Edition & Library
Economy, Environment & International/U.S. Politics
Health, home & garden
Local News & National Politics
Media, Culture, & Society
Sciences & History
Technology, Gadgets & Internet
Union stuff & Montreal's libraries

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