Monday, July 01, 2013

Domestic log (2013-07-01)

July already! It feels like lots have happened in the last three weeks. First, for the last couple of of weeks, I've not been feeling well: trouble digesting, feeling bloated, sometimes nauseated, trouble sleeping. It looks like some sort of mini-gastro with mild symptoms, probably due to (stress?) exhaustion and the heat (well, mostly humidity; summer came unnoticed, presenting itself with short heat-wave followed by days and days of rain). Despite feeling poorly, I managed to avoid taking sick days. Not that I wanted to but I simply couldn't. In the last week and a half, I've been running like crazy at work (like a headless chicken some says) to prepare for the summer activities. Of course, the people in charge always choose to put less employees for the busiest time and, since it is the summer, lots of employees take their vacation, so we end up with even less people or at least people with less training -- which always mean more work and trouble for me. Joy! I think it will be quite a busy summer. Hopefully, I'll be able to rest a little this long week-end.

Again, despite feeling poorly, it seems that my mind was on fire, since I managed also to be quite productive on this blog (I wrote no less than seven book commentaries, all in french: Les mimes des courtisanes by Lucian of Samosate, Le bain by Pascale Bougeault, Les métamorphoses by Apulée, Le maléfice de l'améthyste by Roger Leloup, Moi, Maru, Chat Enrobé by Mugumogu, Hokusai by Shōtarō Ishinomori, and Le vieux fou de dessin by François Place -- they all have shorter comments on Goodreads). And twenty blog entries total! Okay, I cheated a little since, for the summer, I've decided to include regular pictures of my cats (on saturday, i.e. cat-urday of course) and flowers (on wednesday, i.e. flowers-day?). And I still found time to visit the botanical garden and watch some TV with my wife (Murdoch Mysteries, Call the midwife, The Borgias, Father Brown, Copper is resuming and we are about to start Bleak House) or on my own (Continuum, Defiance, Mad Men, Falling Skies is finally resuming and the new promising show Under the dome) as well as a few movies (Argo, Brave, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Looper, Prometheus, Satyricon, Skyfall, To Rome with love, etc.). Really, I am telling you, on fire!

Since this Domestic Log was a bit long, I'll put the Press Review in a separate entry.

And (I almost forgot) Happy Que nada day!

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