Thursday, September 03, 2015

MWFF 2015 Day 4

We are already in the second week of the festival. Today I was working, so I could spare time only for one movie: Haman.

For a second time there was technical issues during the screening. The picture froze, then fast-forwarded and then came back without sound for five or ten minutes. Then they “rewinded” and restarted where the problem had occured. Luckily, no other issues happened. The director, who was present to introduce his movie and for a Q&A afterward, apologized profusely (it was the japanese thing to do) even if it was not his fault.

Despite that small problem, I enjoyed this short day.

If you want to read some comments about the Japanese movies at the festival (in french) you can check the first part of the article by my esteemed colleague Claude R. Blouin.

It seems that more troubles might be brewing for the festival (as if it needed more) as some employees of the festival, experiencing delays with the well-earned payment of their salary, are threatening to strike from Friday if the situation is not resolved (Le Devoir). I can understand their plight but, on the other hand, I know many film buffs who would do their job for free just for a few tickets and a chance to meet with international moviemakers!

I'll do my best to post my own comments soon but in the meantime, you can check my entry “Montreal World Film Festival 2015” for all the details on this year's Japanese movies.

MWFF 2015

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