Saturday, September 05, 2015

MWFF 2015 Day 6

I started the day late again today because of other duties (helping my eighty-five year-old mother to move). Even if I was tired, I've managed to see Yoko Sakura, Soredake as well as the documentary Behind “The Cove” (of which I miss the first ten minutes because of programming conflict). It finished late because of the Q&A (controversial subjects always brings more discussions).

With such days so busy with work, duties and a full schedule of screenings, I am getting quite tired. Tomorrow will be my heaviest day with four screenings (and probably my last for this year). Hopefully I'll be able to rest (and write) in the following days so I can share with you my comments on all those interesting movies.

In the meantime, you can check my entry “Montreal World Film Festival 2015” for all the details on this year's Japanese movies.

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