Friday, September 04, 2015

MWFF 2015 Day 5

For me it's the second day of the second week at the festival. I've now seen eleven movies, so it's just a little more than half of the Japanese films. Despite a few glitches it has been a great festival so far.

Today was excellent. I've seen Dear Deer, Summer on the Frontline (which joins the short list of my favourites along with Blowing in the wind of Vietnam) and Gassoh, as well as attending the latter's press conference.

Press conferences at the MWFF are always somewhat excruciating because every words must be translated both in French (because this is Quebec) and in English (because this is an international film festival after all). It makes a thirty-minute press conference feels very short and only a few questions can be asked by the press and the public to the movie crew. That's rather annoying but it can't be helped. I wish the press conference would be longer (since, unlike most big festival, they cannot afford multi-languages simultaneous translation—which would save lots of time).

I've filmed most Japanese directors' introduction to their movies' screening, with any Q&A sessions that I could attend, as well as today's press conference. I'll put them online as soon as I can do a quick edit on each of them in order to keep them as short as possible (which reminds me that I still have press conferences from previous years that I still need to share!).

In the meantime, you can check my entry “Montreal World Film Festival 2015” for all the details on this year's Japanese movies.

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Pippa said...

It´s great that you filmed so much! I´m looking forward to your videos, especially what you have about 'Gassoh'.