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Japan Academy Awards winners (2014)

Here is the full list of winners for the 37th Japan Academy Awards (All nominees are listed and the winners has been highlighted).

Picture of the Year:
  • The Devil's Path
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • A Boy Called H
  • Tokyo Family
  • The Great Passage
  • Ask This of Rikyu
Animation of the Year:
  • The Tale of Princess Kaguya
  • The Wind Rises
  • Space Pirate Captain Harlock
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion
  • Lupin the Third vs Detective Conan The Movie
Director of the Year:
  • Ishii Yuya (The Great Passage)
  • Koreeda Hirokazu (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Shiraishi Kazuya (The Devil's Path)
  • Mitani Koki (The Kiyosu Conference)
  • Yamada Yoji (Tokyo Family)

Best sceenplay:
Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role:
  • Ichikawa Ebizo (Ask This of Rikyu)
  • Hashidume Isao (Tokyo Family)
  • Fukuyama Masaharu (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Matsuda Ryuhei (The Great Passage)
  • Watanabe Ken (Unforgiven)
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role:
  • Ueto Aya (A Tale Of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story)
  • Ono Machiko (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Maki Yoko (The Ravine of Goodbye)
  • Miyazaki Aoi (The Great Passage)
  • Yoshiyuki Kazuko (Tokyo Family)
Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role:
  • Odagiri Joe  
  • Tsumabuki Satoshi (Tokyo Family)
  • Pierre Taki (The Devil's Path)
  • Matsuda Ryuhei (The Detective is in the Bar 2)
  • Lily Franky (The Devil's Path, Like Father, Like Son)
Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role:
  • Aoi Yu (Tokyo Family)
  • Ono Machiko (The Detective is in the Bar 2)
  • Nakatani Miki (Ask This of Rikyu)
  • Maki Yoko (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Yo Kimiko (A Tale Of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story)
Best Music Score:
Best Cinematography:
  • Kasamatsu Norimichi (Unforgiven)
  • Takimoto Mikiya (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Chikamori Masashi (Tokyo Family)
  • Takeshi Hamada (Ask This of Rikyu)
  • Junichi Fujisawa (The Great Passage)
Best Lighting:

  • Koichi Watanabe (Unforgiven)
  • Fujii Norikiyo (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Koichi Watanabe (Tokyo Family)
  • Ando Kiyohito  (Ask This of Rikyu)
  • Osada Tatsuya (The Great Passage)

Best Art Direction:

  • Yohei Taneda, Kurotaki Kimie (The Kiyosu Conference)
  • Katsumi Nakasawa (A Boy Called H)
  • Harada Mitsuo (The Great Passage)
  • Harada Mitsuo, Ryo Sugimoto (Unforgiven)
  • Takashi Yoshida (Ask This of Rikyu)

Best Sound Recording:

  • Kato Hirokazu (The Great Passage)
  • Kazumi Kishida (Tokyo Family)
  • Tetsuo Segawa (The Kiyosu Conference)
  • Yataka Tsurumaki (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Nobuhiko Matsukage (Ask This of Rikyu)

Best Editing:

  • Iwao Ishii (Tokyo Family)
  • Soichi Ueno (The Kiyosu Conference)
  • Koreeda Hirokazu (Like Father, Like Son)
  • Fujita Kazunobu (Ask This of Rikyu)
  • Shinichi Fushima (The Great Passage)

Best Foreign Language Film:

  • 3 Idiots (Nikkatsu)
  • Captain Phillips (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  • Django Unchained (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  • Gravity (Warner Bros)
  • Les Misérables (Toho)

Newcomer of the Year:
  • Kutsuna Shiori (Unforgiven, Before the Vigil)
  • Kuroki Haru (The Great Passage, A Chair on the Plains)
  • Dan Mitsu (Sweet Whip)
  • Hamada Kokone (Oshin)
  • Ayano Go (A Story of Yonosuke, The End of Summer)
  • Suda Masaki (The Backwater)
  • Hoshino Gen (Blindly in Love, Why Don't You Play in Hell?)
  • Yoshioka Tatsuki (The Boy Called H)

You can find more information on Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Anime News Network and, of course, the official Japan Academy Prize website (or the auto-translated version).

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