Monday, March 31, 2014

The month in review (2014-03-31)

March. Already three months into the year. Until today (partly cloudy, 5°C) spring was nowhere to be seen. We had small snow storms almost every weeks (the latest this week-end) and winter seems to never end. How depressing. I feel that I am really getting at the end of my rope with my job: the long commuting that keeps me from doing anything useful at home during the week, the teenagers' insubordination and constant insolence, absurdity and inefficiency everywhere and, in the last week, a terrible cold that made me weak and tired… So many frustrations… I can't take this anymore and feel I am on the verge of depression. But what can I do? I can't quit. All I can do is fight the darkness and rest as much as I can. I really need some change…

I took a few days off. I really needed the sleep, but above all the psychological rest… Just not having to commute, not hearing the constant noise and teenage girls chatter (busy hours with an average of 70 dB while the limit for an industrial area is 75 dB!), not having the crying babies (peak at 105 dB!) and kids running all over the place, not having to regularly scold children for not behaving… That's a great rest in itself! I wrote a little (but there's never enough time) and watched TV (the usual plus a few new shows: Cosmos: A space-time odyssey, Helix, Parade's End, Resurrection, The 100, True Detective; and a few movies: After Earth, Blue Jasmine, Star Trek: Into Darkness).

A raccoon hung around the back balcony a few times. We finally found a nice adoption family for Toffee and might be able to place Roussette soon. This week is supposed to be warm and sunny. Hope for spring and more…

Local news were saturated with stories about the Quebec provincial election with talks of possible referendum if PQ is elected or the secular charter. International news were all about the Ukraine situation and the disappearance of Malaysia Airline flight MH 370. I've gathered links to a few other interesting news stories after the jump:

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