Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter / Joyeuse Pâques

I am not a religious man so Easter doesn't hold any special significance beside an occasion for some well-deserved rest and a family meal (although this year it has been pushed back a few weeks because my mother has had a small heart procedure). However, since it surely means more to most of you, I'd like to wish you all an happy easter. I hope you'll enjoy your easter bunny stew and chocolate eggs omelet. For my part, my wife is working today, so I'll spend easter home alone.

I was able to establish a good writing pace lately and blog several time a week. Unfortunately, I am afraid this won't last. I have to start working on my “spring cleaning” in order to seriously reduce the amount of stuff I have prior to moving into a new appartment or house later this year (or the next). I'll also have to start listing my possessions to prepare for the virtual yard sale I am planning for the summer. Lots of work in perspective. I might have to cut back a little on my tv watching, publishing work and “counter-revolutionary” activities (although reestablishing a fair democracy in this world seems like a lost cause anyway), but I'll do my best to keep bloging at least once or twice a week. It might be easier to do after I got my iPad (it's scheduled in Canada for the “end of April,” whatever it means).

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